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Here are a bunch of links and articles related to Titus, his life, his search, and the Titus Trail Relay.


Titusí Photo Gallery


2011 Jim Stingl/Journal-Sentinel Article About Titus




Official PHOTO ALBUM of the 2011 Titus Trail Relay and Finish Line Picnic


Milwaukee Journal Article from May 2010 about Titus & DJ's Original Charity Run


Slideshow of 2010 Titus & DJ Charity Run


The Milwaukee Outreach Center


Link to Titus & DJís Charity Trail Run Flyer from 2010


Link to Original Titus & DJ Charity Trail Run Video from 2010


Titus Search & Sighting Map


Lost Titus Flyer


DJ Yells for Titus


DJ Demonstrates Dog Trap


How to Approach a Lost Dog.


Titusí YouTube Channel



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