by D. J. Rodrian


Welcome to God’s Insomniac!  This website is an archive of the “Lost Titus” period which was in April 2011.  All of the historical information can be found in the archive links below.  I also use this site as my personal blog, and to promote my favorite causes, especially the Titus Trail Relay for Charity which is held in mid-June every year.


Current Feature – Titus Trail Relay Promotional Movie! – See www.titusrelay.com for event details




Archives and Historical Links


·         Titus Search Blog – April & May 2011 – historical timeline and writings that took place when Titus was lost.


·         E-mails I Received BEFORE Titus Died – these are pretty funny, suggestions on how to find a lost dog.


·         E-mails I Received AFTER Titus Died – these are touching and sincere.


·         Links and Articles – related links of various kinds.





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